shamrockSt Patrick’s Day is one of those Holidays a lot of people don’t celebrate, but many do, some because they are Irish like hubz, others just because why not?, it’s fun, isn’t life about fun?

Hubz is part Irish and part Native Canadian, me; I am the daughter of Portuguese Immigrants, our family is proudly diverse and multi cultural, but at the end of the day we are people, living on this land we call Earth.

As I said in past posts, when I was healthier we have celebrated St Patrick’s Day, which included the consumption of yummy pub foods and lots of beer, including Guinness! Talk about really loving beer to like that stuff lol, hubz has a pallet for it, me I can say I tried it to say I have but won’t be craving it anytime soon, I don’t drink much anyway but when I do I enjoy an ice-cold Heineken.

As far as Irish food goes I can’t say I’ve tried any, not even sure I can name any, I am first generation Portuguese Canadian so I grew up and continue to cook traditional Portuguese dishes, hubz is a few generations of “Canadian” Irish ancestors, his one grandmother was a Native Canadian from Newfoundland, and this girl loves her some good old fashion “newfie food”

Todays blog is about going green for St Patrick’s day , no matter if you celebrate, no matter your nationality or culture, we can all go a little green for mother earth.

Here is a “wreath” I made by taking a small wooden thrift store frame apart, paper mache it and painting it gold, then adding some crocheted flowers from thread I had in my stash in rainbow colours ,and a shamrock cut from a cereal box and painted.



The sign below is a thrifted frame where the picture slides in from the sides, it had it’s glass in tact, I have hung on to it but do not use it with my prints like this one, a frame is not garbage simply because the glass may be missing, get a little creative and you can extend it’s life, something like this is great for less decorated holidays, awesome for birthdays too.



Next is cloths I crocheted with cotton yarn, In our house we use these as dish clothes and cleaning clothes ( also for spills instead of paper towels) I crochet grey ones for doing the dishes and then coloured ones for cleaning, I do it because no one wants to wash their plates with a cloth that last week wiped down a toilet haha. To wash them I simply toss them all in with my towels, amazing what hot water and soap will clean. I have baskets in my laundry room where I pile them up until we have a full load. I use Bernat handi- crafter cotton yarn, but these green ones are from a large ball I found thrifting, as long as its 100% cotton it will work. You can find the pattern here.

dish cloths.jpg


Lastly is my second order to come in from Wish, these are becoming available everywhere so you don’t need to use Wish, but for $4 no tax and delivered for 12 straws and a straw brush I had to put an order in, once they came in I ordered dozens more to give away as gifts.

1 time use plastic is Evil, and while we are not by any means perfect in this house we try to do what we can, we still do buy cases of water bottles for travel but we all have reusable ones and reusable straw cups that we use as often as we can.

We use cloth bags for shopping, We have been known to run in for milk and bring no bags  then juggle the milk and everything else we didn’t know we needed to our car without giving in and purchasing a plastic store bag for 5 cents, it’s not the cost, it’s doing our part to phase them out.

Our Government here wants to pass a bill to ban all one time use plastics like water bottles and shopping bags, I am 100% on board for that, if it’s not an option I think we will have to adopt reusable products, even us with our cases of one time use water bottles.

I don’t think it needs to be said but I will anyway, if you do use one time water bottles or grocery bags please toss them in your recycle bin at least.

Straws not only are not recyclable they end up hurting our wild life so please stop using them, our kids have strong opinions of the paper ones some restaurants are using, I tell them suck it up ( see what I did there lol) or bring a resusable one.


I’m also the girl who cuts apart those plastic ring holders, often found on 6 packs of beverages, so If you are picking up a six-pack of beer this St Patty’s day please take the time to cut up the rings, I hear companies are making them more “Earth Friendly” but a minute of your time can make them that much safer for our wild life.


I made a birthday bucket list this year, 43 things to do before my 44th birthday ( March 15 ) on it is; find another way to go green, not sure what I will do but I hope I find something within the next year.

Enjoy March 17th however you chose, but try to make it a day to adopt a new “green” way of life yearly, every little step counts, keep mother earth green for everyone.


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