I knew this time would come from the moment I met you
I’d love then be heartbroken, this I always knew

None of it prepared me, and I almost forgot
When the day came, off guard I was caught

Tis better to have loved, that’s what they say
I rehearsed this then, I repeat it today

My heart moves on, embracing the same fate
Never being prepared for the end’s weight

As my heart mends this I’ll always know,
I’d always choose loss, than never to have loved you so

Dandelion B 2019


Our Zoe’s ashes returned yesterday, she will sit on the self with Gollum’s ashes.

Her paw print now hangs beside her picture that hangs by Gollum’s picture (2003-2016) and the rest of our fur babies pictures, in our games room.

How odd it feels not having her tootle on down to the bottom floor of the house to say hello when we are down here. I felt the same when Gollum was gone and didn’t lay by my sewing/craft table as I worked.


zoe ashes



  1. What a beautiful poem. 💕 I’m so sorry. My Kaiser’s ashes came last week. Originally we were going to spread them, before he came home, but we all agreed once he arrived, that there was no place he’d rather be than home with us. People say to comfort you…he’s running free now and I can’t help but think…he would have never done that. He only ever wanted to be right by our side. I put a candle next to him and light it on the rougher days. Sending big hugs to you.

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