Warning the beginning of this post will be me crying out loud!

January for us on this side of the universe was the worst month in a very long time, and while that may sound like I should be grateful as it must mean we’ve had many good months, reality is January delivered a severe punch that will ripple throughout the year to come.

My last post over 2 weeks ago was the start of a month long river of emotions, mostly sadness, in fact my mood tracker in my journal is mostly blue for January, it was that bad.

I don’t want to ramble on and promised myself I’d keep it as short as possible then share a few journal prints for anyone who does journaling or would like to start, I can undeniably attest that journaling has kept me sane, company, and smiling through so many tears this month.

Recapping Januray really quick for us, January 5th we adopted our fur baby Ruby the kitten, less then 24 hours later our youngest broke his collar bone skating, but what would come exactly a week later tore us to shreds.

I was up crocheting late on January 13th, a Sunday, when our puggle Zoe came down from the bedroom for a drink as she does often, instead of going back to bed she hopped on the couch and I continued crocheting. I had turned the TV off shortly after as I was getting ready to head to bed and bring Zoe with me when I noticed she was very restless, I thought ok she must need to pee so I will work a little longer and let her out.

As a short time passed I looked up from my work as I heard what I thought was her being restless again on the couch, only to see what seemed to be a seizure, I ran to her and when I confirmed it I rushed to wake hubz and we both ran to her.

Zoe was diagnosed with K-9 cushings January 2017 and Januaray 13th 2019 was what would be a week long end to this battle, she seized nearly everyday, once twice, without reliving it in words I have to say it was hard to watch her die before our eyes for a week, but we spent that time loving her through those last days with us.

On January 22nd our vet assisted us with her passing, ironicly January 22nd is our daughter’s birthday, and our older dog Gollum who passed in 2016 took his first old age seizure in 2015 on her birthday. We lost him and our Luna cat 2 years apart days from our youngest son’s birthday.

RIP Zoe, when we adopted you at age 1 in 2008 you were then and always have been our little princess!


February needs to be the new beginning January should have been, all I can do is hope that to be true.

Our Ruby girl is growing and everyday she becomes more trusting and cuddly, in fact it didn’t take her many days to find her way to our bed and snuggle up to me at night. She was rescued off the streets as a kitten is all the info we have, and you can tell the poor girl is guarded when it comes to humans, the rest of the pets she’s fine with, and our Cooper boy is so in love with her and she him it fills my heart.

As I sit here typing in our spare room where my desk is she is behind me curled up on the spare bed where you will find her when I am here, the picture below is of her last week on the bed. I think back to the photos we have of Zoe in her first few days and weeks, the joy I felt when in pictures I could see and document what was once a scared fur baby wondering where she was and what was going on to a safe and happy princess.



As for journaling I had to adapt to it with my lack of illustrating talent and disabled hand, like most things in my life, and while I know BUJO journaling is done mostly free hand I do mine digitally. I print my sheets, punch holes in them and keep them in this cute pink binder I found thrifting.

Below are some printable pages you can use to start your own BUJO.

I use a combination of gel pens, pencil crayons,and markers. To use markers and gel pens you will get bleed through to the other side, that doesn’t bother me if it does you use just pencil crayons ( writing with gel pens is fine even colouring small areas is only slight bleed through) to prevent it from bleeding onto the next page of my journal I put a scrap sheet with holes punched in it between the two, and the markers I colour what I want to with the pages out of the binder because even a scrap paper may not prevent it.

Open files in new window and save then print


Please don’t take offence to this one, I am moody when my lady visitor comes and so I used colourful words on it as some humor. Pick your own colours as your index in the squares next to heavy average etc.


This one is used to keep track of daily chores and to do for that month. At the very top from 1 to 28 I write in at the top sweep and mop and keep track of the days I do so

Below are weekly things I do on those days every week, colouring in the bullets as I do them on that day on that week. Wk1 Wk2 etc

And the bottom is were I write in the months to do lists, colouring in the check marks as I get things done.todo

Here is my title page, on the lines I write in dates of that month and any events I want to take note of when I look through for the year or in the future.


And finally here is the page I use to keep track of my moods and the temperatures, I have done my best to convert it to Fahrenheit as well and included a blank one.







Here is mine from January





  1. That is so sad. I hope you all have a better February. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. I love animals and I won’t even watch a Disney movie if there is even a hint of an animal death. I hope your days are very cheerful soon and that your little buy gets better as well.


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