The new year had me not feeling very festive, nothing in particular although I still had a terrible sinus infection that I have been fighting since before Christmas. ( I avoid medications at all costs when I can so it’s been an all natural battle that I have finally almost won as of today)

I think the holidays falling at the beginning of the week threw me for a loop this year, felt so weird, I also managed to pull a muscle in my neck somehow the day before Christmas eve, and rocked it until December 28th. 

Also January never feels like a fresh start thing, I spend most Januarys mopping wishing it was still the holidays and time off with loved ones instead of “back to reality”

Without rambling on lets just agree that I was not very festive and had moments of moods like a yo-yo.

I have been doing a pen to paper journal since the Fall, similar to the bullet journals a lot of people are doing. The difference for me is because of my disabled right arm and hand my writing and drawing is not all that great so my Journal was a small lined notebook I would make to do notes in and glue in some printed doodles and such that I would colour in.

For the new year I decided I would print off a mood graph, or tracker as I see them often called, my yo-yo of emotions this season inspired me to do so, problem was cramming more folded things into my little note book was becoming messy and bulky.

I decided to design and print off full sized sheets and create myself a bullet journal of sorts by placing my print outs in a dua-tang, does anyone outside of Canada even call them that? The folder type things with 3 metal prongs that you place 3 hole punched sheets into, often call presentation folders I believe.

Below you will find some of the sheets I use for my journal, created with a mix of free graphics and fonts, some of my own, so please use them only for personal use.

You can also find a temperature tracker print off for January here

The mood one I designed to look like a zig zag crochet blanket, “mood” or “temperature” crochet blankets are popular as well. I’ve included my version of moods and a blank one if you’d like to add your own moods you’d like to track.

Click on each and save from the new window, then print, you may need to have fit to size checked off on your printer settings to make sure none of it is off the page.

january title

mood blanket

mood blanketblank.jpg

to do2

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  1. My daughter does journaling, she loves it, it helps with anxiety. Every year during the cold and flu season I make up a fresh salsa recipe that helps the family get added vitamins through vegetables. The recipe is really simple:
    1 can of whole peeled tomatoes (dice up the tomatoes)
    1 small can of tomato sauce
    a bundle of green onions (cut off root ends and dice up to add to sauces)
    1 bundle of cilantro (I chop this up as well and cut off the stems, which I don’t I add)
    1 jalapeno pepper (boil, then chop up into tiny pieces after you remove the seeds)
    1 yellow chilli pepper (also boiled, seeds removed and chopped into tiny pieces)

    The peppers are optional and if you add them they really help clear up those sinuses. I usually leave the peppers out and just serve this cold tomato salsa with a bag of tortilla chips. I also add tons of green onions so increase the amount if one bundle is too much. January is not my favorite month. I think it has something to do with being wet and cold most of the time and the flu is always on high plus the whole let down of Christmas being over always makes everyone sad. Hope you start feeling back to your old self soon.


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