Today my youngest and I have been watching Christmas home videos while he has the flu and I worked on some ornaments I planned to share tomorrow. Among the ornaments I also made a few cat pillows with a pocket for cat nip, for the fur babies for Christmas which I was going to share tomorrow with the ornaments but its fitting to share today at the end of this post.

 As I was painting some more ornaments our kitten Copper who is a Mainecoon mix and has so much personality it fills my heart, was close by me as always. I noticed him sitting on our shaggy red carpet in the den where my craft stuff and sewing desk is, he was sitting on his bottom with he raccoon tail up between his legs, grooming it, a regular occurrence, nothing out of the ordinary at all.

As I finished up and cleaned up my desk I glanced over at him on the red carpet expecting him to be sound asleep, another thing he does regularly on said carpet.

There he was fast asleep as I expected, except I had to do a double take and then grab my phone to get a picture! To my surprise he only slightly opened his eyes to look at me for the first picture then dozed right back off.

Here is is Mr Sly Copper, aka Silent Paws  aka Stinky aka Poopey Coopey, fast asleep still sitting on his bottom lol.

He will be 8 months Christmas day.




For the cat pillow, Cooper and our middle cat who is 4 years old both love cat nip, but I find toys with it in it they lose interest in it quickly. ( Coopers favorite toy is a dog toy octopus we named Fred it has no nip and he carries it around the house like a dead mouse meowing loudly and dropping it at our feet for praise)

I had purchased a beaver keychain at the thrift store and it had a back “pouch” “pocket” and I thought how great for nip, and it was, until our Lux doggo ate it to shreds ( she is a lab collie mix with the jaw power of a pit-bull) So when I looked at the bottom pieces of fabric I cut away from my red plaid PJ bottoms, because I am 5 feet tall on a good day and all my pants need hemming, I thought these pieces are great for pockets as they are already hemmed.

So just when I thought I had finished all my gifts for humans and fur babies I made these today. I hope to do a full tutorial on them in the new year, they work up quickly, especially if you use short people pant leg cut offs like me lol.


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  1. So creative, love it. Also, what a cute name for your cats, that made me laugh. Your kitten is adorable. They are so funny when they fall asleep. One of our cats (Alley) falls asleep with her eyes open and it is so creepy. One time I was so scared and shook her because she didn’t look alive. She barely survived when we rescued her as a kitten so I always worry she is not well. She is the neediest, most spoiled and well groom cat in our house.


  2. Awww Im the same way with our pets, hubz says im loopey they are fine! But if they look ” not alive” i shake em too lol, i was the mom who hovered ovet the baby crib 24 7 as well. All our pets have many nicknames. Also my brother always has and still does sleep with his eyes wide open a trait that has been passed on to our youngest…very freaky i agree!


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