As the days pass and we are now pretty much 2 weeks away from our 1st Christmas get together on the 22nd I don’t have much time or energy to blog.
I wanted to pop in today to enjoy a cup of tea and look through all the sites I follow, at all the wonderful ideas I will most likely have to file away for next year to do, and share some of my own projects.
Also I can’t lie it’s a hard day for me, I am reflecting that it would have been my dad’s 69th birthday, watching Stan Lee, George Bush and even the eternal Betty White, along with my nana live into their 90’s and as we prepare to celebrate my mother in laws upcoming 60th, I can’t help but feel sadness, for myself and my children and nieces, but for my dad as well. The joy he would of felt with 7 grandchildren! he only had one daughter and one son but his life would of still been filled with the joy of many little ones ( he only got to meet my 4, and barley my youngest). Happy Birthday dad I know you’re always with us, at least it’s my hope.
One week from today will be the 25th anniversary of the car accident that almost ended my life and the life of my 1st born, and permanently disabled me in many ways. A lot going on in life at the moment, but I try my best to remember tomorrow is not guaranteed so leave the past in the past and enjoy today, sounds great but I can’t say I follow it religiously, and while I want to leave all the non happy moments out of my blog I also want others reading this who may struggle as well, know you are not alone.
This year I finally got to use up a bunch of Christmas and winter patterned fabric I have had for a couple of years, unable to get to it for various reasons. After my iron transfusions in October I was hoping for a Christmas miracle of great health and energy, while that didn’t happen I do feel the benefits a little bit and have used the good days to tackle those work in progress projects and some new ones.
I can’t show off the projects here because family does read my blog, but mostly I made fabric bags to put wrapped gifts in and then the bags can be used for shopping and or reused next Christmas. I had made dozens of draw string bags for wrapping to be more environmental, but we lost them all in the flood so I hope to do a few here and there now.
I did however finish crocheted drawstring bags ( ugly sweater inspired as my family stinks and won’t get into the ugly spirit)
The patches I found at the dollar store, these will be filled with inexpensive prizes for board and video games we play after dinner and gift exchanges. On my to do list still is to find some Christmas Scattergories cards


We are also doing our annual “white elephant” gift exchange with hubz and all our kids and their partners, even the youngest is participating this year, I’d like to think he saw all the fun we had last year.
It’s a small group so we roll dice and follow basic rules that correspond with the number rolled, we use rules like steal a gift from anyone, steal a gift from the person to your right (left) open your gift. The gifts can only be stolen a set number of times unopened and then once opened, then it becomes yours upon the last available steal. This year I have asked everyone to use a plain red bag to confuse people a little more.
Last years gifts were
Poopouri very popular and I ended up winning it lol, the scents are amazing and work great!
Neon Coloured cleaning supplies – bright blue paper towels, neon green duster, orange dust clothes and more.
Guinness Record books, snacks and a squirrel mug.
Big foot band- aids ( save your money they don’t stick lol) Our second youngest has learned his lesson to not leave the gift to mere hours before the game, he ironically ended up winning his gift back.
Sushi Go Card Game-very popular and my oldest son and his fiancé ended up winning their own gift back.
Beanboozled jelly bean game-no one wanted this next to the band aids, our daughter ended up with it.
The gifts can be new, used,and/or handmade as long as it is under $15 and fun/funny, unisex and usable, I cant wait to see this years gifts, hubz and I and our youngest have ours all ready to go, and we have 2 possibly more participants this year.

Nostalgia is dear and near to my heart, I cant say I’ve always been that way but parts of me have always been intrigued by that past, even as a teenager.
Hubz and I love collecting things from the past, mostly unique vintage furniture and toys from our childhood.
In honor of our childhood Christmas’ our tree is a collection of purchased ornaments, crafted and vintage. It will never win grand prize in a decorating contest but as we enjoy it’s sight all season long we have the greatest prize of all, our Christmas memories.
On it is:
Simpsons ornaments, a mix of purchased used and new ( 99% of them still have their boxes and we have dozens)
These represent hubz love of the Simpsons since a young teen.

Cassette tape ornaments I made over the summer Click here for that post
These represents our love of music from very young ages.
Vintage Sesame Street lights I up cycled by feeding a knotted rope into it and turning them into ornaments. Hubz found the lights back in October. There is Big Bird, Cookie, Oscar, Bert & Ernie
These represent my love of Sesame Street

Nintendo controllers I made with plastic canvas In October.
These represent our love of video games from the past and present, a huge family affair here.

Tim Hortons ( a Canadian coffee café) ornaments- one is available each year, we have 99% of them up to date, I believe we are missing 2 of the first ones.
These represent what it’s like to be Canadian at Christmas, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in hand at family gatherings, santa parades, and shopping for gifts. The 1st Tim Hortons opened in 1964, well before either Hubz and I were born, but 100% part of our childhood and now.

The 12 days of Christmas vintage stain glass ornaments. ( box has owners name and 1984 written on it), they are hard to photograph on the tree, sorry
These represent ornaments that would have been found on our childhood trees and our grandparents trees.
3 Pillsbury dough Boy stuffed toys.
These are from the 90’s and won by my son at one of our children’s Christmas craft and gift exchange parties ( white elephant). Christmas isn’t Christmas without baked goods eh?
This paper printout was designed by me, it shows some of the stores our parents would have shopped at for our Christmas gifts here in Canada, in 1980 something, if you watch the Goldbergs you’ll understand that phrase lol. Any Canadian friends who would like it click here and you can save it in a new window, print on cardstock if you’ll be hanging it.

It hangs on an old door cupboard from my parents kitchen, painted black. It sits on a crate we built and stained, the crate is mostly empty as you can see because we are on the hunt for the perfect retro Christmas décor for it in teals and red, pictured are actually vintage salt and pepper shakers, the elves have actual silk hair, not painted on, hubz finds that creepy for some reason lol, and a ceramic musical carousel, with some scrap wood painted as “gifts”.

This “wreath” is an old record, I painted the center label black with craft paint.

The framed Atari symbol tree was designed by me, it was one of the best gifts I ever received,I played it for hours and years. If you’d like to print it click here, open in a new window, save and print. It sits in a thrifted sleigh I sanded and painted black, and added some of our Atari games and the “pro controller’, as a little girl I thought I was the luckiest kid when my dad bought me a similar one.
Here is a candy dish I made by painting a thrifted wooden canister, cutting out the ornaments from some hobby wood and hand painting the characters on. Surprisingly I had made this and then Hubz found the lights I turned into ornaments shortly after, I wanted a splash of Sesame Street in our Christmas décor.

This is our quilt stand I upcylced into a holiday stocking/treat bag holder. The stockings were crocheted by me a few years ago, you can find the pattern here. You can see how we use it at Halloween here
The cat and dog gift bags were made this year with all thrifted fabric, I knew I’d find a use for this green corduroy fabric when I picked up 2 yards for $1. We have always had pet bags/stockings but again the originals were lost because of our flood.
I printed the fish and bone pattern, added some fusible web to the plaid fabic, traced the pattern on, cut them out then sewed onto the green fabric. You can find my instructions for bags here. From the fish pattern I also used scraps of fabric and made our 3 cats catnip fish toys ( 15 to be exact lol)

Below is our parking lot Christmas tree we got on Sunday, as it was calling for so much rain and had rained the night before we didn’t want to travel to our annual tree farm for a tree. The ornaments are mostly hand made, from hand cut wooden ones, wood burnt ones, decoupage children’s artwork and crocheted ones. The snowmen are up cycled Jenga pieces, with crochet scarves.

I have many of the kids school art ornaments, they are kept safely in a small green crate I found many moons ago that has the word hang ups stenciled on it and displayed on our fireplace.





















  1. Just got on and up popped your new post. Wow, you have been through a lot. So sorry to read about the sadness you have experienced in your life. It seems the holidays make it even feel sadder when you think about the people you loved from the past that are no longer here. They are here in our memories and spirit. I like to think I keep pass love ones alive by sharing those memories from my childhood of them with my kids. Old stories but to me they are worth more than all the gifts in the world. I love how you all seem to have a ton of fun during this season. That White Elephant gift exchange sounds like a blast. Also I am such a fanatic when it comes to ornaments, really enjoyed seeing all your ornaments and reading about each one. We used to have a Tim Hortons here in our city by the Hockey stadium. They closed it down though and both my kids were so upset. Everytime we would go to a Hockey game they would always buy those tiny little donuts and share them with everyone. I always got my cup of hot cocoa. Completely understand not being able to blog much during this time of the year. I have re-posted old post all this week and then starting Saturday I will have a new post everyday (Hopefully) I have my 12 days of Christmas crafts coming up as well. It is a busy month for sure. Anyway, thanks for sharing another great post, I know how hard that is to do.


    • LOL the tiny donuts are called Tim bits here in Canada, I love hearing about things across the border. Our second youngest went to Buffalo to meet up with friends. Their parents took him to Tims and Mcdonalds and he chuckled as sent me pics of the menu and his meals lol. ( he works at Mc dee as he works his way through college here in Canada) Tim Horton’s is like church here lol, friends gather there and most activities any season usually starts with a Tims in hand, and the youngins with Tim bits

      Liked by 1 person

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