December is fast approaching, Christmas and New Years will be here before I know it.

I’m usually the mom and wife who at this point has had to make herself a map of the hiding spots for the gifts I have purchased since September, not this year.

Sadly our children are older, the gifts this year are less ( bigger and no need for so many) I figured I shouldnt start too early, I thought to myself how fun it would be to shop in the season with hubz instead of our usual madness that lasts several months.

The problem with my plan is there is now more to do and buy then I realized, so much so that my lists need lists as I try to organize for Christmas.

Below are some  lists I created to keep it fun, feel free to print and colour some for your own Christmas lists. Many are winter themed and great for lists even after the holidays.

I am enjoying colouring these in for use and having a reason for my gel pens, I am ( or use to be) very much a digital girl, all my lists, notes, and to do scheduling was done on my phone, I tried the old fashion way back in September and am happy to say I will continue with pen to paper into the new year.

These are made with free colouring pages please only use them for personal use.

The font only ones are my own designs with fonts I have.

Happy belated Thanksgiving my US readers and happy black friday, we finally have our version of it in the last decade and I know these lists will be getting plenty of use today.

Right click on the ones you’d like to print, it will open in a new window, save and then print making sure size to fit is not selected on your print options. The smaller one you cut down the outer edges for use, the last few are full sheet lists.

Also note the smaller ones are available in wide spaces or narrow

note pads 7 n 8wide lines 7 n 8

note pads 9 n 10wide lines 9 n 10

wide lines 1REG 1 N 2

REG 3 N 4wide lines 3 N 4

wide lines 5 and 6REG 5 n 6

rae dunn 1 wide
On Dasher on Dancer On MasterCard and Visa
rae dunn 1
On Dasher on Dancer On MasterCard and Visa

santa list

santa list 4



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    • We do too! The end of the school year i took/take all the kids unused notebooks and cut them up into scraps. Even school notes i use the backside. Hubz is very much old school so he uses them for lists. I use them but not as much as my phone (now its the opposite) having little stickers fun gel pens etc has me all excited for the old school way lol.


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