Most of the time hubz replies cute or cool when I make things or have ideas, I know he likes the stuff and he likes to see me happy, I also know most, if not all of it is not WOW material lol and don’t expect him to take out an ad on my artistic talents.

In the summer I found this small wooden cabinet at Value Village, which I almost didn’t buy because I had no use for it. I turned it onto a Halloween “house” for Halloween miniatures, you can see it here.

Hubz had a little more than cute and cool to say about it. he then said we should find a large-scale shelf to redo into a Halloween house, and wouldn’t you know it a few weeks after I made that house we found a large one at Value Village, best part $7.

I painted the outside black, stained the shelves to look like hardwood and the walls a medium grey, it looked great, it would make an amazing Halloween house, problem was I wanted it to be used at Halloween and Christmas.

I walked away from it for a while and then decided it wont be a “doll house” but instead a miniatures display shelf, he was a little disappointed but the miniatures I buy for Christmas are meant for outdoor type displays, not indoor houses lol, I’m not sure indoor Christmas miniature exist, do they?

I didn’t get the Halloween version done in time to share here but have been working on the Christmas one and even though it needs the miniatures and some work, it is ready enough to share today.

The sleds are from the dollar store, I stained the tops and painted the runners grey. $5 for the 4

Those adorable sparkly trees are also from the dollar store. $3 for all 3

The pallet signs with the snow flakes are simply jumbo popsicle sticks cut down to size ( I use my scroll saw but hubz says a sharp craft knife will work) hot glued in place and stained, then some wood snowflakes I had hot glued on as well. $2 for 75ct sticks at Walmart. The snowflakes are wooden and painted, I picked up a bag of 24 for 50 cents at a thrift store.

The pallet snowmen are a little harder because you do need a scroll saw for them, if you’d like the hand sketched pattern and instructions click here.

They are made with what’s called giant craft sticks, I got them here at Walmart, paint stir sticks would work too but you may have to adjust the pattern width. ( I checked, USA Walmart has them on their site as well, surprisingly the same price $3.47 for 45ct .)

The wreath was 25 cents at a small local thrift store, it had the tags still on it, White Rose 97cents, who of my Canadian friends remembers White Rose? I’m still working on deciding how I want to decorate it.

On top is a white tree lamp we have had for many years, thrifted of course, and the star in from the dollar store, it’s a tree topper.

To the left on the floor is a metal bird cage that would you believe I got for $2 at our children’s elementary school garage sale quite a few years back. Inside are some wooden salad bowls our neighbour was tossing that I painted with chalk paint and filled with various sized snowflakes, some mini wooden ones, some metal ones and some acrylic ones. The red balls are wooden and I found at Value Village for $3

The “pallet” tree is made from painted and hot glued pieces of 1×2 pine, a 8 foot length is $2, I used about 3 feet of it, a scarp piece of plaid fabric was used to wrap and hide the ugly base.

The mini signs are a Rae Dunn inspired up cycle, you can see the post on them here

The miniatures will be a mix of dollar store finds and Michael’s, on sale or with a coupon of course.



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