Thank you Our Little Red House for nominating me for this award!

Pop over to her blog for crafts and lovely photos and stories she shares, I love reading new posts of hers. I don’t remember who followed who first but it’s been a pleasure replying back and forth and realizing we are very much alike.

Award rules.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2.Write a post to show your award.

3.Give a brief story of how your blog got started.

4.Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

5.Select 15 other bloggers to nominate.

6.Comment on each blog to let them know you nominated them and provide a link to your post.


I started this blog a little over a year ago, I have always enjoyed, no more like loved reading and writing, along with that if you know me you know why hubz nick named me Martha from the moment we met. I am nowhere as good as Ms Stewart of course (or as rich lol) but being creative and DIYing has always been in my blood, from school projects to being a mother of 4 and an aunt.

Fast forward to almost a decade ago when strange symptoms landed me at my doctors office and long story short I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hashimotos, 2 auto immune disorders that have wrecked havoc on my life, health, and self worth. What I assumed was stress from watching my dad die of cancer became another nightmare I was about to live again.

Friends and family reading this already know and for those who don’t, I am an amputee as well, lower leg from a MVA as a child. I am strong, have had to be many times in this journey I call life, saying this out loud makes me think of 3 songs that are dear to my heart 2 strongly one more recently. Music is one of my other loves.

If you want to know how the blog got its name you can read it here

Matchbox 20’s Unwell

One Republics I Lived

Shawn Mendes In My Blood.

Unwell because I have spent years looking in the mirror hoping the girl I and everyone knew was around the corner once I got some treatment, just one more treatment..hope then no hope.

I Lived gives me moments of desire to fulfill bucket lists before I don’t get better but worse.

In My Blood reminds me stay strong you got this girl this isn’t anything you can’t handle or have handled before, but sometimes the strongest need a shoulder to lean on and its ok.

This blog is my shoulder, not for therapy not to vent or complain, but to be me for a moment, share the little pieces of me with the world from my couch and bed, the comfort of my home that feels like a prison most days because my health issues keep me cooped up.

So ya, I started this blog to help find myself again in a world and body that  constantly is drowning me out, to feel alive and have a purpose.

Thank you everyone who follows me, who comments, who drops by and likes my posts!

My 2 pieces of advice is first a big JUST DO IT, don’t worry if anyone will follow read or like, think of this as a diary, write and put it out there, if they come they come if they don’t they don’t, don’t worry they will come and if its only a few its still ok, keep writing.

Second is, remember being a kid?, to make friends you have to say hello first many times, so like,comment, look around at other’s blogs, make friends, not to be popular and have them notice your blog, but to make blog “friends”.

Now I need to nominate 15 bloggers, I am a turtle in this blogging race, I have many sites and blogs I visit here and there but to nominate I want to be genuine to those I visit often, so don’t be offended if your not on the list and I apologize if I don’t follow the rules and have 15, I often beat to my own drum as well lol.

Don’t forget to visit Our Little Red House! Lets say I nominate her back because well she is one of the few I communicate with on a regular basis.

I nominate My Thrift Store Addiction– a few years ago I came across her site for a wreath I believe through Pinterest, since I have always gone back to visit and now she and her co host Our Hopeful Home have been sweet,patient,helpful and welcoming to me as a blogger! Their décor and finds are great too!

I nominate Plucky’s Second Thought, although I mostly interact with her on Instagram her recipes that look oh so yummy on there are up on her site and more..and her little doggo is oh so cute.

I nominate, The Bubbly Homemaker ( instagram, to me it counts lol) She likes to craft with wood and tools! a lady after my own heart. Here is her blog too

I nominate Low Land Raven  his work is amazing, gorgeous and I am jelly lol, not only that he took the time once awhile ago to comment on one of my posts and help me navigate Instagram, THANKS CHRIS (Instagram)

I nominate MonsterWJ41 (wade) One of my 1st Insta followers, we share a love for retro toys!

I nominate Wendt House Baking, she is a kind blogger who comments often on my Insta posts and blog, also her recipe posts make my mouth water!

I nominate A Girl & A Glue Gun, I mostly follow her on Facebook and Instagram but she has a site too. She has a group on Facebook she created for all us crafters to gather, amazing lady has many followers and a growing site and still does for others! Drop in and join the fun at Glue Gun Groupies

Thanks for reading, I hope its ok I nominated you all, now go forth and meet one another! Please do this post on your blog or instagram,keep this going.


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  1. Wow! I am completely speechless, thank you so much for the nomination! Also, your blog!? It’s definitely amazing, and I am going to start following you on here too, not just Instagram! You are an inspiration! I hope one day I am as cool as you, and my blog is half as good as yours! 💕


    • Thanks but its a work in progress and the mistakes oh boy lol but its for fun and its ok. I seee you have a blog too, imma following you too, didnt see it in your IG profile so let me adjust my post to add ur blog link


  2. Thank you. I hope you start having brighter days with your health. You are incredibly strong for everything you have been through. Didn’t know you were also into toys, I love collecting old toys Keep your additude about blogging and it will always be fun. It is good to have a place to go to, like you have written about, kind of like a diary. I think of it as a scrapbook of sorts for my kids to go to someday in case they want to read up on our adventures and their mom.


    • Wow me too! The for children thing. I am going to upgrade to a .com i think to keep it going hopefuly for awhile so they too can look back and see, especially the recipes, the love their faves from mama 🙂


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