1 year ago today I started this blog, it finally had a name and I could start doing whatever it is bloggers do I thought to myself.

My first entry was titled goodbye summer love affair hello fall true love. It was a time in my life were I had made the leap to do a blog after a few years of wanting to, the end of the repairs from our spring flood and the beginning of a sort of therapy for me.

I suffer from auto immune disorders and other health issues. I wanted an escape from the meds, doctors, treatments and symptoms. I promised myself I would not write about my health, I needed this to be the inner me that’s been overshadowed all these years to come out to play again (even if it was behind a screen laying in bed typing on my laptop, sharing projects that took me forever to start and finish)

There have been long periods of time with no entries, I’m still learning how and what to post, to find the energy and time to post and have things to post, no one needs to hear that today was one of those days and taking care of myself and my family used up all the energy I had for that day.
Instagram has been a great part of this all, I may not have 100s or 1000s of followers but thank you all who follow and like my posts and blog entries.
I also enjoy looking through posts of the blogs and instagrams I follow, many times it helps me smile on the days I struggle  just to  be awake.

I hate to break the promise I made to myself and bore anyone with talk of health things but today not only is my blog’s 1st anniversary its also what I hope to be the beginning of feeling a bit better.
Among the list of health issues I have, I have become severely anemic, no amount of iron pills in the last 3 years have been able to raise my levels, in fact they just kept going down to below bare minimum ( here the value range is 10-290, optimal being in the 100 range, I currently sit at 9, yup nine)
Today I am on my way to my first iv iron infusion,today I am nervous scared and happy all in one,today I am trying to see another year in the future, and hope to be writing about how 2 years ago I started this blog and a year ago was day 1 of feeling better.

I fear today will bring more disappointment that I will have to pull myself up from, I also fear I will have a bad reaction to the treatment and or a pile of new symptoms and side effects after the treatment.

A year ago I had fears too, fears I’d fail at learning how to blog,fears not even one person would visit my site, fears I’d become too sick to even do this. And here I am a year later wondering why was I afraid?,a year later I have views and most importantly have met so many other bloggers,crafters and makers,which for me is the best part.

Please keep our kitten in your thoughts today too, today he loses his pickle nuggets, it was scheduled long ago and as fate would have it I have been waiting a very long time for my appointment, today we both have a big day ahead of us. A neuter is a straight forward procedure but this mama worries all the same.

Life use to be full of long term goals organized lists, and the go go go of a wife and mother of 4, now a days I’ve had to accept the old sayings- one day at a time, and baby steps.

Today is exausting me just thinking of it, thank you universe for allowing hubz to be my side.
Todays steps will include getting through my 3 hour treatment, picking up our kitten, dinner of some kind (hubz and I had a stay in dinner and a show date night planned before I recieved my appointment a few days ago) and hopefuly sitting by the fire on my lawn swing. By tommorow I hope to be at Micheals making my fall wreath as planned,,,,,




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  1. I will keep you in my thoughts and I do hope you start having better healthy days and that your treatment goes well. How scary for you, just think of that pretty wreath you will be making later. The holidays are coming and there will be many fun projects to keep you busy. give your little kitty a hug after his procedure too, our little animals are great for healing us when it comes to stress and just being peaceful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!
      I felt a little sick and discomfort the day of but was able to attend the wreath craft the next day.
      Kitty bounced back as well.
      2 more treatments minimum, hopefuly each help me more and wont need more for awhile.


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