I can remember where I was when I first heard Matchbox Twenty. I had never known of them and at the time I was really loving the Goo Goo Dolls as I transited from my teen years and my love of hard rock, particularly Guns and Roses.

Who remembers Columbia House and their 99 cent promo for a bundle of CDs to join the “club”?

I must admit I joined once; a few years after my little brother had accidently picked Matchbox Twenty’s Yourself or Someone Like You Album as part of his bundle. That accident would shape most of the late 90s and 2000s for me.

I took that accidental cd, popped it in and once it got to the last track, Hang, I was in love. It was never released as a single but did become a fan favorite, long before I knew that, it was my favorite song by who would become my favorite band of all time.mb20

I wish to this day I had heard of them in their early years, when part of the band existed as Tabatha’s Secret. I love the song UNKIND.

My 18 year old son will never live down eating my TS cd, as a toddler one chomp and it snapped. If I ever find that cd again the world will hear about it, for now thank goodness for online music listening.

I’ve seen them live more times than I can count, within Canada and the USA. Made good friends through the official online fan club, many of whom I still have contact with today. Shout out to my GDers reading this (stands for general discussion crowd)

My recent purchase of two Micheal Bolton cassette tapes made me reflect on my taste in music all these decades of my life.

I can honestly say I was an 80s girl bopping about to some of my favorites as a young girl:


Cyndi Lauper

Culture Club

Micheal Jackson


The Bangles

Top 3 favorite songs I’d have to say are:

Time After Time

Karma Chameleon

Crazy For You (brings you back to a school dance doesn’t it?)

Honourable Mention for Man in Mirror.

The 80s music is still some of my favorite to this day.









Moving onto more heavy rock as a young teen (still can’t convince my kids their mama was into that kind of music lol, but my parents clearly never forgot the wild hair and all black clothing)

Guns N Roses

Skid Row


Ozzy Osbourne

Motley Crue


Top 3 favorite songs I’d have to say are:

I Remember You

Patience ( also their rendition of knockin on heaven’s door is amazing)

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn and Something To Believe In are a tie.

Notice they are all Ballads? Hair Band Ballads another guilty pleasure of mine.

I bet your wondering why on earth I picked up these two cassette. He is neither an 80s icon or a long haired rocker (he did have the long hair though) bolton

Somewhere along the line between my early years to my teen years I became a Micheal Bolton fan. Unlike the moment I first heard MB20 and Guns and Roses, I couldn’t tell you what Micheal Bolton song I first heard or how and why he still is my guilty pleasure!

From When A Man Loves a Women

How Am I Suppose To Live Without You

Said I Loved You But I Lied

To the soulful sounds of Lean On Me and Stand By Me ( I can’t name the original artists off the top of my head but all versions are some of my favorite all time songs)

At age 17 (1993) one of my Christmas gifts was the current Micheal Bolton album on cassette, Santa knew when I was naughty, nice, and my dirty little secret lol. (I’m pretty sure it was the exact tape pictured above on the left)

Hubz had one word for me when I carried these tapes to the register, “why”. He knows of course but he still doesn’t get it, to be honest I don’t get it either but everyone has a weird pleasure don’t they?

Here is a box set I picked up at a thrift store for $7 a few years back and was over the moon when I found it. Before you scroll down let me explain one thing. I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. I grew up on Elvis and Johnny Cash and while I don’t mind some of the “new country” the rest, NOPE.

I must admit however, Tim McGraw’s Shes My Kind Of Rain, It’s Your Love ,and Live Like You Were Dying some how ended up on my play list and I don’t rush to hit next song when they pop up. garth

Once again I don’t know how or when but, I love Garth Brooks

Friends in Low Places

The Dance

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Unanswered Prayers


Baton Rouge And so on and so on.


While hubz jokingly questions my choice in album purchases, he won’t admit it out loud, but the boy was a blockhead (New Kids on the Block)

A few years ago at a record show we found the NKOTB vinyl, hubz walked away only to circle his way back for it an hour later. As we walked up to the booth someone was literally purchasing it.

This wifey lovingly gifted him the NKOTB Christmas vinyl later that year, and will find that original one for him one day, we do now have it on cassette.

I disliked them a lot back in the day (hate is an ugly word but I used it then) but now enjoy listening to them with hubz, somehow I even know most of the lyrics.



I hold a few more guilty pleasures within my music enjoyment:

Jane Arden (Canadian) Another one I’ve loved forever and a day but a mystery as to why.

Bon Jovi, not very weird right? Except when they hit the scene you didn’t like Bon Jovi when you were admiring the deep lyrics of Metallica..

KISS you either hate them, or Rock n Roll All Night! Am I right?

Boy bands, One Direction’s Perfect and That’s What Makes You Beautiful.

Admit it they come on and you can’t help but sing along.

Sing it with me…Baby you light up my world like nobody else The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed……

Bet it’s stuck in your head, kind of like oh mickey you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind…hey mickey….

Your Welocome lol.

Enya, anyone remember her? Best bubble bath music ever!

Sinead O’connor, leaving all her personal turmoil aside, she was a great female artist.

Next to country I don’t get rap music either, my kids would say it’s because I’m old, but I never have like it and IM NOT OLD lol, however I Love EMINEM. (I love a good top 40 dance tune too, just not rap)

I like all the classic rock bands, even bands like Dr Hook.

When Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing comes on I try to get my 18 year old to sing with me, he is too cool now but at one time it was our song. The song is still on his play list, and I hear it from time to time coming from his room and I can’t help but smile.

I enjoy the sounds of songs that are way before my time like;

Chubby Checker’s The Twist

Otis Redding’s My Girl

Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On

Pretty Much All of Joe Cocker’s hits, and sitting here writing I am reminded of one of my favorite “old songs” Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl.



If I had to describe my “taste” in music it’s Matchbox Twenty/ Rob Thomas or a fruit salad of artists with a generous topping of mixed nuts.


I love all the throwback albums we have collected this far, and look forward to all the albums yet to find. I look forward to sharing them here in the future, we have tons!

What’s your favorite band? Do you remember why? Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Perhaps take a trip to a vintage market or thrift store and find a little piece of your music history to bring home.

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