As I was working on an entry for next week I remembered I had one of dad’s Johnny Cash records.

He had so many, along with Kenny Rogers, Dolly, Elvis ( not to mention all of mom’s Elvis memorabilia everywhere) and more country and folky music I can’t remember. He also had many in his native language of Portuguese.

With Father’s Day coming up I have a scrappy saturday dedicated to him, but I needed to pop in today and share this.

When dad passed in 2007 there was not much left of his records, as we all grew we poked fun at him. Cassette tapes rolled around and dad was still playing the old vinyl. CDS became the modern thing and dad barley even had any cassettes, still spinning his records. Im not sure how they all got lost, I imagine they got tossed or dontated as he aged.

This one managed to find its way home to me.


Dad loved Johnny the most.

Wherever you are dad maybe Johnny’s there too, playing his guitar.

Pop back next week and see if dads love of country music influenced my taste in music.

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