This weekend was 50% off clothing and bed and bath at Value Village, a day I try to never miss.

Most days I go thrifting I take a set route through the store (unique to each individual store) but on sale days here, I go straight to fabrics and linens. I’m mostly looking for solid coloured fabric on these sale days, to use as linings and handles for my fabric bags.

I look through the fabric section and move on to bed sheets, looking for those donated brand new top sheets other people like me never use on their beds, and vintage kid’s sheets. As I shuffle through my eyes are always on the lookout for printed fabric, vintage and fun patterns for my current projects and stash. While thrifting my eyes are also always wandering at any fabric I can use in a sewing project, even clothes like flannel shirts and jeans, but mostly I use things like bedding, donated fabric and even curtains.

This trip my eyes lit up as I found yards and yards of pastel green fabric (my guess at least 6 yards) at 50 off, I paid $5.

Approximately 5 yards of dark pink for $2.50.

Roughly 2 yards of canvas type fabric (that soon will be bags to paint with my nieces this summer) for $2.50

A yard or so of Christmas green corduroy fabric for $2 (never know when you need some green corduroy)

A huge piece of denim for $2, great for patchwork bags.

Also, this haul included some vintage cabbage patch doll fabric, Approximately 5 yards for $5, and a small piece of flannel strawberry shortcake print for $1.

My go to sewing project for fun prints is reusable shopping bags! For 4 reasons;

1. We always need bags around here (the kids even have their own made by me for them)

2. Most store purchased reusable bags are not made to last, and cost about the same.

3. The fun prints while packing my groceries make me and others smile.

4. I am keeping these textiles out of the landfill while reducing environmental destruction from plastic bags.

If you want to start making your own reusable bags, if you’re a beginner sewer,  looking to save money, or want some cute one of a kind bags, thrifted fabric should be your go to. The following bags are a combination of fabrics from this haul and some from my “stash”. Often I will find a piece of fabric but don’t always have the time, or all the supplies I need to create what I want, but eventually my visions are brought to life.

I found this lemon fabric a while ago, it screamed summer to me and one of my favorite summer drinks, LEMONAIDE!

I used the pastel green fabric as the lining.


Here is a vintage Star Wars fabric bag. I found the fabric last month; I think this had already been upcycled from a vintage bed sheet into the large drawstring bag I purchased for $3.

I almost always have black fabric on hand, but go figure not for awhile now and I’ve been dying to get this bag done. I think the tan looks good in contrast to all the dark colours on the print and compliments the browns and golds.


Isn’t this bag the cutest? Transported me back to my childhood for sure. I ironically still have both my cabbage patch dolls. A yarn orange hair and a brown corn silk hair, the yarn head is Carol Ann, how I remember that is beyond me as she was my 1st. My daughter played with them and now they are put away for grandchildren,  neither have original clothes and it’s on my to do list to figure out how to sew them some.lareg cabbgae patch

And here is a small one made in the same print. I used the dark pink fabric as the lining on both.sml cabbage patch


Lastly this was a bed sheet set we found a couple years ago brand new in the package, pottery barn Dr. Seuss print. It was a sale day and we paid $5, our youngest claimed the fitted sheet and pillow case leaving me with the flat sheet for my stash. Being white I was apprehensive to use it for shopping bags, I did make a laundry bag for camping out of it and the rest sat in my stash since. I decided to just go for it, if it becomes too stained I’ll toss it, but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it before then. lrge dr suess

While I was at it I made a smaller one as well, with more stores being BYOBag now, even the dollar stores, I need to add a bunch of smaller ones to my collection. sm dr suess


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  1. I, too, love thrift store cloth to upcycle. One of my faves was a sheer shower curtain with violets. Made gift bags with strings of faux pearls for the ties accompanied by lavendar tissue paper. Gorgeous. Have also made table cloths from heavy shower curtains! Right now, I am into pillow covers and pillow cases. Really liked your bags and will have to try making totes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I must step outside of my comfort zone and use delicate fabrics. Those bags sound adorable. I make draw string gift bags as well for christmas with cotton fabric. Amazing the unique things we can make out of other things. Friday I will be posting some instructions for the totes. Today I made 5 canvas totes to paint with stencils with the kiddies this summer. Next I’ll be turning a white cotton sheet into bags to tye dye with them as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


  2. I remember cabbage patch dolls. I remember waiting in line with my mother and cousin to buy one, those were crazy times. Love all your bags but my favorite is the lemonade bag, I am a big lemonade fanatic. One of my funnest things to do is to look for vintage fabrics out in the world. I make little stuffed toys, rag baskets and pincushions.

    Liked by 1 person

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