Would you believe me if I told you I created an outdoor sitting area for two for just $3?

This project is an example of our frugal living, it’s also a prime example of how I lie to myself, I often think to myself, self; we are going to just paint so and so, or self; that space just needs a little something, then this girl is elbow deep in paint and glue. Anyone else a habitual liar too? I’d hate to be alone in this.

We don’t have a porch, how I wish we did! My love of seasonal decorating would go from an 8 to a 10+. We do have a nice length of driveway leading up to our front door (side door ~such a silly design if you ask me, but 20 years ago it became ours none the less) The corner where pathway and house meet has always been “our sitting area”, it has an ok view of the road and side walk. Over the years it’s seen many pairs of chairs come and go, however it has been bare for a couple of years and this summer I decided the sitting area would return. I had envisioned 2 chairs and a table for our tea, coffee, and frozen lemonade.

I couldn’t decide what chairs I wanted, I really wanted Adirondack chairs that hubz and I would build, but then time got away from us and we didn’t really want to build them this late into spring.

*For those following the blog you know why, those who don’t, we had a flood last year and lost an entire summer, this year we are looking for a “not do much season”)

I looked at some plastic versions but at $25 or more each and I really don’t love the thought of plastic on something that should be wood, the space remained empty as I looked up and brainstormed  budget and time friendly ideas for it.

Fast forward to my nieces birthday mid-May, as we were driving home from it we drove past some roadside treasures, in the form of half a dozen chairs, hubz looked at me as we drove past, he couldn’t finish asking as I replied yes, he turned around and these 2 roadside chairs became the inspiration for our his and hers sitting corner.


I wanted to keep it “simple” 2 chairs and a table, LIES, ALL LIES!

I indeed did make the little table expecting that to be it. However, scroll down and you will see once the table was done it needed decor, then our garage window sill that is just off to the side of this area needed dressing up, as my web of lies continued, this little corner came to life!

With scraps of wood from my bin and the handle on the front pulled out of my collection of salvaged hardware, I made this little table. Some of the wood is cut offs of deck/fencing, I left those as is; other pieces were raw pine so I used leftover stain from our previous project on it. With more wood scraps, some scrap burlap like fabric and paint I had on hand I made the decor for the table. (not all of it is outdoor paint, craft paint works fine coated with an outdoor clear coat, I use Rust-oleum in a satin finish)

The burlap frames are done by wrapping the burlap onto a 2×4 piece of wood, only halfway down the sides as not to show in the back, I used hot glue to keep it in place. Then cut 1×2 wood to “frame” it. The bottom one is framed in 1×4 wood, giving it the look of a shadow box, I also hot glued on a tiny scrap to make it resemble a drawer, nailed the frames on with 1.5 inch finishing nails. Staining and painting all my pieces before assembling.


The window sill looked bare so keeping with the table’s arrow theme (my fun version of “welcome” come this way) I took a spindle I had in the scrap pile and cut it into an “arrow” then the grey one came about from a scrap 2×4 mounted on a 2×2 to add height.


Why stop there?

I have found a love for rag garlands this past year but have always only used them indoors, I knew I had fabric scraps in the chair colours (or close enough is my motto when “scrap” crafting).I cut them up into roughly 3×1 inch strips and began the garland, which led to leftover strips, which led to a mini rag wreath made on a metal dream catcher hoop (I have a pile of them I got for pennies at a thrift store). The heart is cut out of scrap plywood and stained, the leaves extra from the wooden block arrangements I made from 4×4 posts hubz got for me from my in laws rubble pile of a shed tear down, it was covered in rusty nails that I decided to hammer in and keep in the wood.

Stay tuned for more of these I’ve made as well as some in 6×6 wood salvaged from the rubble of their torn down decades old shed I plan to make. For the wood cube arrangements I cut the 4×4 posts into 4×4 cubes, I drilled a hole in the middle top of the 4×4’s, poured some hot glue down and placed the greenery down in it, cutting the stems short beforehand. The greenery was purchased for under $3 at Dollarama, my only real cost for this project.



I am yet to figure out how to cover up our hydro meter, I’ve just learned to pretend its not there.


Now I know what you might be thinking, I had to buy all that stuff at one time, of course, however the stuff I did buy was done so as cheap as possible and was used for their purposes long ago , I promise you this was all done with leftovers from other projects, free finds, and one $3 purchase.

You may not have all of this on hand to create something similar, but the joy of scrap decorating/crafting is using what you do have on hand, free from friends and family and purchased minimally. Don’t dismiss roadside finds either, these chairs have a tiny bit of rust (which for me adds to the “look” and most of it isn’t visible),the cushions are in great condition.

In a throwaway society we should try to rescue the toss aways 1 piece at a time, saving the landfills, the environment, and my favorite, the bank account.

We will get at least 2 seasons out of them for sure, maybe more.For just $3 spent this year I’ll gladly redo the corner next year or years thereafter, perhaps even refinishing the chairs, or reusing the rest.

Happy Frugal Friday!

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  1. Wow, you’re so creative…love that. I could look at before and after for hours. That table of yours is so sweet, also love the idea behind the arrows.Thank you for mentioning me. I just checked out some of those others sites and they are really great sites. I am a bit of a thrift store fanatic too. I go on Dollar days and sometimes I will find something to upcycle. They have had furniture items for $1, sometimes I get lucky and find something for a dollar but there are days when the pickings aren’t that great. It’s a fun hunt though.


    • Thank you so much, I love upcycling, if only I had infinity corners to tuck new things in lol. I wish we had dollar days at our thrift stores! You are right its hit and miss but thats half the fun. Free is my absolute favorite, friends and family always ask me before tossing anything.
      Glad you checked out the sites, I truly enjoy flipping through everyones sights, all I need is a bottomless cup of tea and more hours in the day, its like having an never ending book of all my interests at my finget tips.


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