This is more like what is it Wednesday! A Perfect way to gift- gift cards.

The end of the year is fast approaching and with it comes the brainstorming of what gift to give the teachers. Most of my children are adults now and one a preteen almost in high school. My teacher gift giving days are coming to an end but I still remember the years past, the mugs, the chocolates, the plants, the reusable bags, the handmade this and that, trying to change it up year after year x 4 children. This year our son has a male teacher, while I’m sure,the others may have had one or two male teachers among them, it definitely wasn’t a lot, and as far as gifts for them, I couldn’t remember if I tried, my best guess is a gift card for Tim Horton’s ( Canadian Coffee Shop Chain)

This year, this male teacher, the Timmies gift card is my best idea, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I brought out my plastic canvas and made up a card holder for it, it has a tie on it because this teacher is known for his fun daily ties.

In doing them I thought I might as well do some female/unisex holders as well, in the end these look perfect for teachers, dads, and in general, great gift card holders for many occasions, I plan on doing Christmas versions later on in the year as well.

Cut 1 front and 1 back of the following and work up in the yarn colour of your choice, whip stitching the opening area straight across the top and curved down area, before whip stitching them together wrong sides facing themselves.

17 holes x 25 holes

front and back

Choose from the following patterns for a tie or bow and work up in yarn colour of your choice, for the bow wrap the yarn around the middle and secure it off at the back. Hot glue your bow or tie to the front of the card holder and its ready for gift giving of a gift card.

Tie is 20 x 8 holes


Bow is 9 holes x 15 holes


For father’s day, children can use a card like a bank card or gift card and trace it onto some thick paper and create a “gift card” of their own (cute coupons for dad)



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