Another mother’s day has come and gone, this years was shaping up to be uneventful compared to the last few, however the universe had other plans.

In 2016 we lost our almost 13 yr. old dog Gollum, our fur baby, a few days before mother’s day.

2017 our basement floors would flood a week before, both were the same date May 5th, a year apart.

May 5th came and went this year without incident, but May 7th came and our 14 year old cat Luna another one of our fur babies took a turn for the worst, we had her to the vet and tested a few weeks prior but had no answers as to why she had severe nausea and wouldn’t eat. It broke my heart to see this majestic girl with her beautiful long fur and crystal blue eyes be reduced to a skeleton and in what we can only imagine a lot of pain and misery.

May 8th with the care and guidance of our vet (a clinic that’s been caring for my childhood and adult pets since the early 90s) we said our goodbyes. I muddled through the rest of the week, and even today am missing her unexplainably, I can only hope she felt as loved for 14 years as we felt loving her.

For mother’s day the kids each got me little gifts, each unique to me, it’s always nice to know you’re not getting last minute grocery store flowers because they felt the pressure to grab something, as I don’t really like flower bouquets anyway.

Funny story though my oldest who gave me some scratch tickets and sushi had thought about an orchid he said, I giggled and said good thing you didn’t poor thing would just die here. My daughter however did get me a cactus, and my only real favorite chocolate, Ferrero Roche’s, I giggled with her too as I finished her sentence as she said mom I got you a little cactus to…I cut in with- to kill? She said no to hopefully grow this little baby.


It is a wee little cactus and I do love cacti, I can only hope it lives awhile!

I also got a case of caffeine free Pepsi (not the diet kind I’ve recently discovered regular Pepsi, but caffeine free, yes this mama does not do caffeine or fake sugar), and a gift card for crafting supplies.

The younger one now too old to make hand print art, forgot about me this year, I say that jokingly, I never want my kids to feel they need to get me anything, dad picked some dandelions on his behalf and while the gesture was cute I still miss the days of the kids running to me with a big smile and a handful of dandelion love. As I was transplanting my baby cacti into a thrift store Creamer I picked up just for it, I looked around at all the faux ones I have throughout the house and it dawned on me, I’ve never seen faux dandelions, do they even exist? How I’d love some right now to create something. A quick net search I see some lovely Etsy arrangements with some but not many and none to buy as far as just the flowers. How cute would a traditional arrangement with children be with faux dandelions!

While out looking for the right “planter” for my baby cactus I came across this yellow bowl like thing, it has what appears to be a bee molded into it, it’s stamped on the bottom Ceramiche Virginia-Made in Italy. I am convinced it is a bee, hubby says it’s a fly (looks nothing like a fly hunny bunny) so I will display my little bee bowl on the table beside my spot on the couch, my “Happy Corner” for the summer as a catchall for now.

I thought it was so cute, and with the bees in danger of extinction I had to bring it home, and as I type here,thoughts of bees and their yummy honey come to mind so I’ve decided to share a few of our family favorite recipes that have honey in them on the blog soon.

Want to mention before I go; on my adventure for a pot for my cactus our second youngest headed to the thrift store with me and he made a purchase of his own, a video game character figurine but none the less so very proud to say we have passed on the love of thrifting to our next generation.


Our Luna aka Tuna Luna, tooney, looney, itz so fluffy Spring 2004-Spring 2018 (rescued as a kitten)



Our Gollum aka golley, mister, golley boy Spring 2004 – Spring 2016 (rescued as a puppy)




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  1. Found your post on Charm Party Blog. I felt for you losing your pets. We’ve lost our share, too. 35 years ago I always wondered if my house was on fire if I would save my (now ex-) husband’s beloved Irish setter or my mother-in-law. Good thing I never had to make that choice, huh? Read up on Christmas cacti; they need only daylight, not night time articicial light and I had one that did well in one particular window-forget if it was southwest or what. I am not fond of dandelions in my lawn and I was always SOOOO grateful when I received a bouquet of them from my (now grown) kids as that was fewer to go to seed; it was also about the only time I got to use shot glasses for vases! Dandelions were definitely bouquets of love and could not be matched by a storebot orchid or bouquet of roses!


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