I often wonder how others see my collection of used, vintage, rustic and handmade furniture and décor, not that it much matters because we love it. While I admit hubby isn’t the biggest fan of the “distressed” or “pallet furniture” he has grown to see its beauty through my eyes. Truth is I find off the shelf decor and furniture boring and overpriced, my world of this and that is as unique as me.

My new side table, my happy place beside my couch spot is very much “pallet distressed”, my new love that was only meant to be temporary.

A few weeks back when my vintage lamp/table broke I needed a spot to place my oil diffuser, salt lamp and a cup of dandelion root tea (ironically I’ve been drinking this for years, long before this blog).
My first thought was the tables we had made a few years ago from a bar stool pattern we found at ( one of the first DIY sites I began following quite a few years ago), that we have been using as tables beside our hot tub.
I dragged a spare one in, and while it was naturally distressed already I would go on to take the sander and some stain to it a few days later.
When I saw this idea at
Create & Ponder I created my own version of it, adding it to the table with a few other things, I fell in love with how it looked and adopted this table permanently as my new little happy corner.


This was a bottom half of a cigar box that belonged to my dad.  After painting it I used some garage type (industrial) hooks on the ends to act as feet. I then glued some floral foam inside (hiding the screws that went right through) Finishing it of with glued on moss and some faux cacti.



These stools/tables have a support brace at the bottom and I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before (its now on my to do list for the other tables) but it dawned on me to add scrap pieces of wood to the brace, creating a bottom shelf.


Here sits the lock box my dad handmade years ago, I had painted it black, only to let it collect dust in the garage. Now sporting a distressed coat of teal paint it holds my secret stash of mints, my treat when I sit and do needlework.



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