Calling all 80s kids, who remembers the original Mini Pops, this girl will admit she does and she owned them (I’d like to say I had them all but I honestly can’t remember, and some of the later releases I was into my early teens so probably not) However I do remember some of them and in fact one of them was one of the first records I purchased at a thrift store when we didn’t even have a record player to play it on, the childhood memories just pulled at my heart strings and I couldn’t leave it there.

We had been looking for a vintage record player, preferably one of the ones disguised as a side table, but we had no luck finding any working ones within our budget, we caved and got one of those cute suitcase ones and off we went collecting records at thrift stores, garage sales, antique markets,  we even attended a record show were I found a sealed Guns and Roses album (my favorite band as a young teen)


People ask us all the time WHY? In this day in age with digital music, WHY? Simply because they are part of our childhood, we can also say the covers draw us in and we often pull the records out of the crates just to admire these full size works of art. Many are not in top condition and that’s ok every little rip, stain and even someone’s penned on name reminds us that these records hold our memories as well as someone’s history.

The sweet sound that only vinyl makes as the needle makes contact with it brings us back to a time of simplicity and as we sing along with the bands that shaped us we are also reminded how we can’t remember where we left the keys again but every word of Karma Chameleon is forever registered in our brain.


Released in 1982 was the album simply titled Mini Pops

My top 3 favorite songs on it are

Celebration (Kool & The Gang)

Video Killed The Radio Star ( The Buggles)

Dancing Queen (Abba)



Released in 1983 was the album titled We’re The Mini Pops

My top 3 favorite songs on it are

Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

Mickey ( Toni Basil)

Ebony & Ivory (Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder)


Released in 1984 was the album titled  Mini Pops Christmas

My top 3 favorite songs on it are

Mary Boys Child (Boney M)

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Jingle Bells


Released in 1984 was the album titled Mini Pops Lets Dance

My top 3 favorite songs on it are

Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

( Culture Club)

Gloria (Laura Branigan )


Released in 1985 was the album titled Mini Pops Wanna Have Fun

My top 3 favorite songs on it are (the album is a medley album)

Lucky star (Modonna)

Wake Me Up Before You Go ( Wham)

Flashdance What a Feeling (Irene Cara )


Released in 1986 was the album titled Mini Pops Magic Jukebox

My top 3 favorite songs on it are

True Blue (Madonna)

Venus (Bananarama)

I’m A Believer ( The Monkees)


Released in 1989 was the album titled Mini Pops Rocket To The Stars ( sadly I don’t have this one yet)

My top 3 favorite songs on it are ( based on online info)

Heaven Is A Place On Earth ( Belinda Carlise)

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life ( Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes -Dirty Dancing)

Nothings Going to Change My Love For You (Glenn Medeiros)


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