Officially the calendar tells me its Spring, however I have my doubts winter has left the building, none the less daylight savings and all the spring/summer products on store shelves has me dreaming of sunshine and warmth. I found these shabby chic metal butterflies at the dollar store in a pretty shade of teal blue/minty green, and hung them in the front window, I then pulled a bunch of scraps from my wood bin and made a fun little owl artsy fartsy thing to help brighten the window for the season, a rag garland too, they are now also my window thing since Christmas. I’ve settled on browns greys teal/green rust orange and maybe yellow as my summer color combo which will spill into the garden below the window. My plan for the garden is chick and hens planted in our no longer working  bird bath fountain(it is quite large and I love the look of it in the garden, a faux picket fence section big enough to add a hook and a wreath and more décor I’ll brain storm to make from now until summer.

When spring was just around the corner I headed to the local fabric store for some fun patterns for spring/mostly summer dog bandanas. With each only costing a few dollars (even less when i find thrift store fabrics) I honestly could make dozens, narrowing down my fabric choices is the hardest part in making these, I managed to only pick out 6 different patterns but there is no doubt before Fall I will be back for more, and probably a bunch more Halloween ones long before October lol.

Here is the link for my original post with instructions and free patterns for bandanas.


As a sewer and crafter I have a hard time parting with scraps, mostly wood and fabric, they are not cheap materials and why landfill them when honestly odds and ends of things can almost always be used up. (before you have visions of this blogger’s house covered in junk lol, rest assured I have ocd when it comes to cleaning and I am the opposite of a packrat, I am very much a purger, I even clean out my scraps and craft supplies very often only keeping the best pieces, sometimes I even do a full sweep) Fabric is kept and used in patchwork projects like quilts, bags, rag garlands, crafts, and as of last year, into freezie cozies. Many years ago I use to crochet freezie cozies (sorry for anyone outside of Canada, are they even called freezies? Maybe ice pops?, freeze pops? ) for our kids, family and friends, but last year I thought while surrounded by piles of scrap fabric, hmmm maybe I can design fabric ones, they turned out great if I do say so myself, we happily used them all last summer. You can use scraps of cotton or cotton/poly blend fabric in patterns or solid colours, flannel is nice as well and warm on little hands(or buy yourself 1/4 of a yard each of outer fabric and lining fabric, you should get several cozies out of that). Below is the free patterns for small and medium cozies, click on them to open in a new window then right click and save the file. When printing remember to not check the fit to page option, the printed patterns should measure roughly 2×3 inches for the medium and 2×2.5 inches for small.

To begin you cut 2 outer pieces and 2 lining pieces.1

Then sew 1 outer and 1 liner piece together with right sides facing each other at the top, approx. 1/2 inch seam (I use the outer edge of the sewing machine foot as my guide) trim the excess fabric off at the top, careful not to get too close to the stitch line. Repeat with the other 2 pieces.2


Now place the sewn pieces right sides together, matching the outer fabric together and the lining fabric together.  leaving a gap on one side of the liner sides. Trim all 4 corners, and trim the ends.4.png5

Now work the cozy up through the hole to turn it inside out, the use of a long dowel, knitting needles, crochet hooks or even closed scissors can be used to push out all 4 corners. Hand sew the hole shut making sure the raw edges are folded in76

Push the lining inside and you’re done.8

Happy Spring and Happy Sewing! Here is the Free Printable Pattern, Click to open in a new window.freezie cozy patterns

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