A few years ago when target was just opening up in Canada (how I miss the targeh, and am still lost for words as to how a big company like that couldn’t make it and had to close all of its stores here in Canada) we picked up a little elf on the shelf boy, our youngest was about 7 at the time and still young enough to have that magical sparkle in his eyes when the elf arrived that year, he named him Johnny, we also adopted a girl elf a year later and he named her Emily (but our new puppy ate Emily last year lol, picture above). That same year, with our son being 11, Santa became referred to in conversation in quotations, however “santa” and “the elf” still came and still continues to come, we have just adjusted from enjoying it with young children to creating our own traditions for both. This year as I was flipping through Pinterest I saw a print out of the Grinch’s hand holding a Christmas ornament, the idea was you put the print out in a frame and use a marker to change the number daily as a countdown to Christmas. That gave me the idea to do one for the elf to bring the first day , and as he changes the number daily he will leave small treats like chocolate kisses and mints and such (on Saturdays our elf brings a little inexpensive gift, traditionally its been bubble bath , chocolate bars, candy and small dollar store or thrift store toys).

I consider this a what was it Wednesday because you can frame them in upcycled frames for a personal touch.

I have done a few girl elves and a few boy elves with different outfits,( the elf itself is just a colouring page I found online then I added all the rest) click on the picture of choice it will open in a new window, right click and save, then print. They are designed to fit an 8×10 frame, cut around the black outer line, depending on the frame I find I had to still trim more to fit it in, and you may need to as well. Print one or a few, we have done a couple of each boy and girl, as we came across an “elf on the shelf” at a local dollar store that will become our Emily 2.0, for $3.50 this elf is amazingly good, even has Velcro on the hands, imagine a grown man in the dollar store overjoyed at the fact that this elf has Velcro, that was my husband lol. A sharpie works great to write on the glass for the numbers and wipes easily with a slightly damp cloth, our elves also draw moustaches on family photos every year with a sharpie. At the very end you will see one in a frame, please ignore the misspelling of Christmas, I have fixed the printouts, just at the time of posting this I haven’t had a chance to put a corrected one in the frame for a new picture

Even if you don’t have an elf these are still great countdown calendars. 

boy elf3


boy elf4

boy elfboy elf2

girl elf4girl elf3girl elf2

girl elf


elf framed

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