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Who remembers the television show The Munsters? Even though it originally aired before my time, it was a huge part of my childhood on reruns. The series aired from September 24, 1964, to May 12, 1966; 70 episodes, it was cancelled due to low ratings, but little did they know it would go on to be a classic and loved by many, including this girl, as well as have a spin off and a few movies made. I remember watching it well into the late 80’s when I would have been a young teen, a few years ago I wanted to watch them again, so I spent a few years each Halloween watching episodes I found online. This year on my fall bucket list was to purchase the DVD set, I purchased it back in August at the mall, actually while we were back to school shopping for our youngest, and it has sat on my fireplace mantel on display with 2 Munsters model cars my hubby built me a few years ago ever since.

Today I found the time to start watching them, I clicked play all on season one, disk one, just imagine the confusion on my face when my beloved Munsters appeared in colour on my television. What have they done! I thought to myself, did I mistakenly buy a re-mastered set, in God awful colour? I soon realized also Mrs Munster, whose name is LILY looked different and was named PHOEBE in the credits, played by Joan Marshall, Eddie looked very different too, played by Nate Derman.  It then dawned on me, oh ya!, it was originally done in colour but I was pretty sure they had re done it in black and white, by going to the main menu I then saw that the first episode was labelled as an unaired pilot. A quick Google search informed me that this original pilot indeed was never aired and the second episode (technically the first aired) was done in black and white and Eddie was then played by Butch Patrick and Lily was then played by Yvonne De Carlo, and was a continuation yet partly mixed with the original pilot story.

In my opinion, and maybe it’s because I’m so use to Butch and Yvonne, they were the right choice for the series, Phoebe was too gothic for this fun loving family of “MUNSTERS”, and the first Eddie even though he really wasn’t given a chance, Butch seems to have been a more seasoned child actor over Nate in my opinion. Sitting back as I write this I am up to season one episode four, titled ROCK A BYE MUNSTER, Herman (Fred Gwynne) and Grandpa (Al Lewis) hear Lily and Marilyn talking on one of Grandpa’s inventions, an early home security camera sort of, and think Lily is pregnant, I won’t ruin the series for you if you’ve never seen it and want to, but as an adult now it dawns on me how did she even have Eddie?, and Marilyn is Lily’s sister’s daughter, we are informed of this in the first episode when Herman comments that no one on his side of the family “looks like that” so is her sister part of the living dead as well? Speaking of Marilyn when I was Googling the unaired pilot I briefly read that the actress that plays her changes from Beverley Owen to Pat Priest, let’s see if I notice that when it happens.

What I also purchased over a month ago was the supplies to do my fall wreath, to go on a rustic ladder my hubby and I build in the summer for our den specifically for seasonal wreaths. The weather has been getting joyfully colder this past week, today is no exception, it is perfect, no rain, sun is shining yet the air is brisk, so as I sat down to watch The Munsters, I also decided it was time to make my wreath.

I enjoy simple, not too crowded wreaths, I’m no wreath expert, and in fact floral crafting is on the bottom of my crafting list, but since making a few I have decided that less is better. I used a 50% off coupon for 1 pack of fall leaves from Michaels and another 50% off coupon for the wreath, I also picked up a pack of fall leaves from the dollar store, together they would become my fall wreath.

I had looked up ideas on Pinterest and debated on doing a wooden letter stained or wrapped in twine to add to the wreath, but once I had the leaves on I decided one of my fabric owl ornaments I had made a few years ago for our Christmas tree would look perfect tucked into this wreath. I’m sad to say that finding the storage bin with the ornaments in it wasn’t as easy as I hoped, so for now it will hang with just the leaves, hopefully I remember when I am swapping out the fall décor for the Christmas décor to glue on an owl  before it goes away for next year.

If you’ve never made a wreath before, my advice is to just jump in and try, I don’t think there is any right or wrong, as long as you like it. Michaels also has Fall and Christmas wreath classes, and all you have to buy is the wreath, they walk you through assembling it as well as provide all the floral for it, free of charge, don’t forget to buy your wreath early with a coupon and sign up early.20171016_131827

Aside from wreath making for me, Typography décor is very popular right now, and it literally means word (letter) art, in the spring I made a gallery wall at our front doorway, it included a lot of word art. It’s simple and cheap to switch out with the seasons or as you get bored of it, find yourself a nice unique frame at a thrift store and enjoy designing your typography décor.

Please find an original word art here, QUOTE BY F. Scott Fitzgerald, if you’d like to print it and frame it for your Fall décor please feel free to, click on it, it will open in a new tab, right click and save then print. It is sized to 8×10.

I wish I was as talented as a few of my family and friends in the drawing department and could share with you all a Munster’s print out, but I sadly am no artist, maybe one of them can gift me a portrait of Herman and Lily for Christmas. The above picture is from google, I added the I love the Munsters, it’s my pc wallpaper at the moment.


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