Good-Bye Summer Love Affair- Hello Fall True Love


Tomorrow is the 1st day of Fall here in Canada, and I couldn’t be happier with the changing of the season. If I could pick one season forever to live in, it would be Fall!

I know everyone gets annoyed and enjoys making fun of pumpkin spice latte this and that, slipper boots, flannel shirt collections, and infinity scarves everywhere. While I admit I am a huge fan of all of the above, it means a lot more to me; it’s a time of refreshing my life as well as enjoying all of my favorite scents and fashion accessories.

Fall for me is like my soulmate who I’ve been in love with all my life, I look forward to it all year. While I’m sure I’d tire of all the scents, holidays and changes in my wardrobe, If I really could pick just one season, it truly would be Fall, not to hot and not to cold, and not all wet and weird smelling like spring.  As I don’t foresee ever being able to make that decision in reality, for now I’ll be excited that the love of my life has arrived and commence with all things Fall Love.

I have been a mother for 23 years, of 4 to be exact, and long before that I loved fall. Over the years I have added to my simple ways to enjoy the arrival of my favorite season, here is my top twenty all time fall favorite things to do and enjoy, in no particular order (however my Fall bucket list seems to grow every year and as winter descends I realize, maybe next year, but yay this blog got checked off this years list!)

20: Make Carmel popcorn and caramel peanut butter dip for granny smith apples

19: Sunflower bouquets, dandelion ones are the best because they are free and unique and every child’s joy to pick and bring home to mom, but next is sunflowers, which I grow from seeds every summer and they bloom in September.

18: Putting away all my summer clothes, but keeping my bathing suit handy for the hot tub and swimming at indoor pools. ( we do this in the summer and spring as well but I don’t much enjoy being a human popsicle leaving the building in the winter) On my list of things I hate in Fall is dragging my summer clothes back out in the middle of October when Fall is. MIA

17: Visiting Michaels at the end of August and beginning of September for 3 main reasons ,

1 To take in all the wonderful Fall scents

2 To get ideas for Fall and Halloween crafts

3 To buy all my crafting needs before actual October hits and the shelves are filled with Christmas stuff, I’m not complaining mind you, I am a crafter so I get it. (and let me give you a little life hack for Michaels in October, it’s the best time to use their 50% off coupons to get all your Christmas things, I have a nice little pile going as we speak)

16: Unlike most people who spring clean, I Fall clean, it’s just like spring cleaning except on top of the actual cleaning I tend to do a lot of organizing of actual things and life in general.( early New year’s resolutions I guess you could compare it to)

15: Swapping my sandals for my little leather and slipper boots, although out of convenience I do keep the sandals at the front door well into December.

14: Fall Fairs and dressing up in my flannel shirts and blue jeans

13: Pumpkin patches or simply digging through the grocery store bin for the perfect pumpkin to display on my doorstep and carve for Halloween

12: Speaking of Halloween, all things Halloween from decorating the lawn for my enjoyment, the little ones in my life’s enjoyment and all who walk by and take enjoyment from it to making original and fun costumes for myself ,hubby, and the kids- ours and our nieces. I’ve gotten better at sewing over the years but it’s amazing what a little creativity, some duct tape, paint, and a glue gun can do. ( All together over the years many of my costumes have won prizes so guess they didn’t turn out so bad)

11: Apple cider, I know I said above I am a fan of pumpkin spice but to clarify I prefer my pumpkin spice in my candle and apple cider on ice in my glass

10: Fall TV, is there anything better than having your favorite shows back on air while munching on caramel popcorn and sipping apple cider? I do miss a few summer only shows, and wish they were fall shows.

9:Brisk walks in my favorite comfy pants and sweater, taking in the crisp fresh air and beautiful fall colours in the sky and on the foliage.

8: Driving with the windows down and opening up the windows at home

7: Lighting fresh pumpkin spice scented candles

6: Making my very much loved pumpkin cheese cake ( I’ll have to share the recipe soon)

5: Thanksgiving dinner, this year especially having our oldest who moved into his own place in the summer, wanting to come home for thanksgiving.

4: Pumpkin treats for the dogs, all 3 cannot get enough of these things, a recipe I found on Pinterest and changed up a little to make these soft blobs I like to call pumpkin pie doggie cookies. They also love pure pumpkin out of the can poured onto their kibble.

3: New this year, Halloween miniature villages, I have to admit I am addicted and I’ve started a Christmas one already.  I found a small wooden suitcase that once held art supplies at a thrift store and it soon came to life as my miniature Halloween scene/diorama.

2: New last year, but I made super adorable Halloween stockings/bags this year. Since our youngest has declared at 12 he is too old for Halloween and the others really are, I decided on Halloween stockings, hubby and I have our own as well.

1:Campfires ( we have a propane pit as fires are prohibited here, and I don’t much like the morning smell on me from a real fire anyway)

Crafts in general are on  my top 20 during all 4 seasons, the picture above is by our youngest, I believe from grade 2, it’s proudly displayed in a frame in our house during Fall


Happy Fall everyone, go make yourself a fall bucket list, create memories and traditions for yourself and those around you. Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite Fall things.

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